Reasons to try Thai food

Thai cuisine is a source of inspiration for the most innovative chefs in the world. Many connoisseurs are fascinated by its fragrant aroma and intense flavor. It is the harmonious balance perceived by the palate that makes it stand out among the other Asian culinary styles.

A spectacular and unique combination of flavors

Thai food has many similarities with Asian cuisine. However, this style has its own features that make it the favorite of many tourists. Among such qualities it is worth mentioning the following: Thai food mixes five flavors: spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Since the first one is not predominant, this combination achieves a harmony of savors that are very difficult to find in other kitchens. Fresh herbs like cilantro and basil, which are included at the last moment of the preparation, accentuate a sensation of freshness. Rice is its basic ingredient as it accompanies almost all meals. This is because Thailand is one of the leading rice exporters with three annual harvests. Coconut milk is an essential ingredient of Thai food. This feature makes it different from Indian curries. It is frequently used to combine all the constituents of the stew.


Long Table and Red Sky are some of the best restaurants in town. There you will find more reasons to try Thai food just by smelling some of the most seductive aromas.There is a huge variety of regional styles. In general terms the spiciest dishes are cooked in the South, an area of clear Indian influence. In contrast, in the north, due to the colder climate, the food contains more fat. In the Northeast the flavors are reduced to salty and spicy disregarding other elements. One of the most popular specialties is Pad Thai. It has a special aroma and flavor that are provided by a special sauce which is mainly used as a condiment.

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