How to choose the perfect place to eat

Few cities in the world can offer you a wide variety of bars and restaurants on terraces and skyscrapers as Bangkok. Whenever you have the chance to visit this city, you cannot miss the dining experience. Additionally, delight on the most delicious drinks while you admire the most splendid view of this town.

Indulge in the most fascinating flavors

Bangkok is the kind of city in which every person discovers something new. In every corner there can be a small temple, an original architectonic piece or a place with unique charm. It offers attractions for all tastes and budgets, from street restaurants to impressive terraces. This town has many surprises that are waiting to be discovered by visitors like you. Above Eleven is an exclusive restaurant bistro bar that will amaze you with one of the most spectacular views of the city. In this place you will have the chance to delight on the most extraordinary flavors of Japanese Peruvian fusion cuisine.


It is located at the 33rd floor of the Fraser Suites, right on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 11. This is one of the most popular neighborhoods for partying for both expats and Thais. Such features make the Above Eleven the best place for having a dinner and a few drinks before enjoying the nightlife of Bangkok.

Explore the most stimulating nightlife

Excitement and recreation without limits are waiting for you in the multicultural Bangkok. Enjoy an intense and sensual nightlife at some of the most entertaining spots in town: Parking Toys. This is the favorite place for open minded fun lovers. It may take a while for you to get there as it is located at the Huai Khwang neighborhood. However, your efforts will be amply rewarded. Meet the most marvelous Thai girls and enjoy with them the most exhilarating adventures. Barka. This is a restaurant with a very special personality. There you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by a decoration that makes you feel as if you were inside a cozy graphic design studio.

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